Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

There is so much going on already:

I've been writing more and more from day to day, really taking the time to make every lyric matter. Putting thought into ever single note and melody is definitely an experience in itself, but I just can't wait to watch all of this music unfold more and more.

On a personal note, I've just simply never been here before. I have spent my fair share of time writing and recording over the years, but never have I really prepared everything like I'm trying to do through all of this. There is just something special and different about this whole process. It's weird to sit back and think "I Can Hold My Own," the very first reputable thing me and the boys in Hey Jersey ever tracked, was done back in 2009, and how the whole idea of local music has seemed to take on a new shape. I have so much heart for the bands still pumping out energetic, upbeat, slammin' music, and I'll always love the fun shows and experiences that I have gained from this life of a musician so far, but it's been long overdue for me to really revitalize my roots. I'm not finished with the pop/punk scene by any means, but I'm on this road to fulfilling my dreams and making the music that I've always wanted to make, whether the world welcomes it with open arms or disapproves of every single song.

I'm maturing and shaping my music, my wide variety of musical tastes, and just who I am as a man. This record will be just that. If it's not genuine, it doesn't matter, and it's about time someone has truly done something that has mattered.

Things are changing and growing for the best,