Wednesday, April 17th, 2013

For everyone that plans on making it to the show this Friday at the Adelaide (Terrell, TX), I figured I'd give a heads-up on what to expect:

 It's looking like I'll be playing 3 songs off of the upcoming record. I realized that it's hard to be relevant at a show supporting a return from a performance-hiatus if the majority of your music is covered material, so I guess I'm going to have to start leaking some of these new tunes at my low-key shows until the record is out. I'm really eager to see how the songs are received by all of my hometown friends and family. To build a little excitement/fun and to keep it a little more interesting, all of the songs will be played in a different way than on the actual album. I really want live performances to be a completely new, different, and exciting experience every time, as well as wanting the record to be timeless in itself.

I really can't thank y'all enough for all of the endless support over this past year. Starting on Friday, it's all going to start paying off. You won't want to miss this gig.


P.S. - Though it may not be music related, I can't post on here this week without recognizing the current events of our country. Not only has my hometown been hit by murder and controversy, but the bombings in Boston and the explosion in West, Texas are in dire need of prayer. The lives of everyone affected by these recent tragedies are much more important than this website and my silly thoughts. Thank you.