Monday, May 6th, 2013

Sorry for not being able to update over the weekend! We worked can-til-can't on the record, so I'll go ahead and give you a rundown of what all got done this weekend!

Studio Update #1 

I made it down to Atascocita and we immediately got down to business.
-- We added a lot more dimensions/layers to a song called "Doubt"
-- We went through 9 out of the 10 songs and made sure we were happy with every single aspect of what we recorded. This took up a big amount of time, but we got to tweak a lot of parts and made the songs really stand out.
-- We continued to work on the gospel-style ending on "When You're Down" (the title track from the record)

Studio Update #2

-- We worked on WYD for a couple more hours, making sure all of the newly-added percussive rhythms sounded good, as well as wrapping up the gospel part from the day before
-- We finally got to track the 10th song to be recorded for the record called "Soldier On". This song was actually one of the first song ideas for the record that we tossed around over a year ago, so it was wild to see how things come together
-- Aside from Ben tweaking the songs...

It's looking like the recording process is just about finished!

Merch will be in soon, photos are being edited as we speak, design-work is being done as we speak, dates for mastering and distributing/printing the record are about to be set, and I couldn't be happier with the way things are turning out.

I thank God not only for all of the love and support y'all give me, but I am genuinely honored to have a friend/brother like Ben Starr. His talent really shines through the entire record, from his audio engineering ability to his ridiculous guitar skills, solid vocals, and just overall awesome ideas. You guys are definitely in for a treat with this record.