Monday, November 12th, 2012

Another studio update:

Yesterday Ben and I worked on a few of the songs that we had conjured up over the weekend that had evolved from the songs I brought down to Houston with me. Two of which didn't end up getting completed, but will be worked on constantly over the next month of so via back and forth file sharing.

This trip down to record really got me thinking about quite a lot. I didn't turn on the radio once on my drive back, and despite some time on the phone, all I really did was simply think. Sounds odd, but this record has really gotten me into a new place in my life. I feel like I'm maturing, and I'm making decisions and putting in effort and it's making me who I am. After working on a song I wrote for my grandmother that passed away almost two years ago, I feel like I can finally open up to show the heavier, deeper content of who I am through the record.