The Beginning: Road to a Record

Well, here's the site! Just to give a little run down of what all of this is for, I wanted to cover a few things:

The Mission
After dreaming about it for years and years, I figured that there is no better time than now to do something with all of these songs floating around. I will be spending the next few months recording my own personal music from over the years and releasing it as a legitimate album. It's been a long overdue decision, but I look forward to the months to come!

"What will this site be used for?"
I will use this site as a tool to keep anyone and everyone involved with the whole process of releasing this debut album of mine. There are some perks involved for anyone who goes through this journey:
-I will be posting track listings, lyrics, and song order
-I will be previewing all of the album artwork on this site
-I will be keeping everyone up to date with all demos and pre-production tracking
-I will be posting videos when possible
-I will release certain songs that don't make it onto the album through this site
-I will post information on upcoming gigs, events, etc.
-A whole bunch of other things that will come with time!

The Basics
Luckily, I have been blessed beyond compare with the whole music scene thus far. I have been given the opportunity to have the time of my life writing, recording, and playing shows with my brothers in Hey Jersey. All the while, I had been leading worship for my hometown church for over 5 years, so I have been able to do what I love for quite a time. With this being said, you may wonder if the record will be moving in a pop/punk direction or lean toward the intimate styles of worship. Since the album is in a state of pre-production right now, all I can really say is that it will be a more rootsy, genuine, honest record. There will be times of intimacy and beauty as well as grittiness and power, with a wide variety of influences and styles. The common ground with it all is that it will genuinely be me and the music that really hits home to me, the kind of music I feel like I was born to write and sing and play. That definitely doesn't help you understand the sound of the album, but it looks like we'll have to wait and see. It's going to be a crazy ride, and who knows where I'll end up, but I'm taking all of you with me.

Normally posts won't be this long, but I just wanted to give everyone a little bit of an understanding on what's going on!

Thank you for all of the love and support, even so early in the game,