Matthew McNeal


     After years of touring in support of the 2015 debut 'Compadre', McNeal and longtime drummer Andre Black return with 'Good Luck', an LP recorded by Grammy award-winning Ted Young (Kurt Vile, The Rolling Stones). Backed by an all-star band, the album weaves in and out of genre atop the analog hiss of a 1971 tape machine. Matthew McNeal delivers inventive storytelling over a groove-laden soundtrack, sonically mirroring the dynamic landscapes seen while weaving across the country. 

'GOOD LUCK' LP - OUT 2/16/18

     Striving to bring analog sounds and high-caliber songwriting into the modern era without gimmick, Matthew and long-time drummer Andre Black teamed up with Israel Nash and his band at Nash's Plum Creek Sound studio in the heart of the Texas hill country. With Grammy award-winning Ted Young at the helm of a 16-track tape machine, the group spent four days recording nine tracks that would become 'Good Luck', Matthew's second studio album. The band presents a collection of work that presents a youthful take on analog production, blurring the lines between genre with inventive musicality and lyricism with a sense of clarity. During the record's 34-minute runtime, a listener is due to experience the edge that alternative music carries, the unbound emotion of soul, and the raw energy of rock & roll. Good Luck will be released in February 2018 through McNeal's own Matte Black Sound Company.

'GOOD LUCK' LP - OUT 2/16/18

- Produced by Matthew McNeal and Plum Creek Sound

- Engineered by Ted Young, Joey McClellan

- Mixed by Ted Young

- Mastered by Jessica Thompson, Coast Mastering



'Compadre' LP // released June 2015

- Produced by Joey McClellan, McKenzie Smith

- Engineered by Joey McClellan

- Mixed by McKenzie Smith

- Mastered by Kim Rosen, Knack Mastering


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Good Luck LP (front)

Good Luck LP (back)

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     Matthew McNeal is a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist based out of northern Texas, known for blurring the lines of genre to create a modern analog sound and taking that show on the road for the better part of each year. Despite his age, the 24 year old is no newcomer to the world of music. Raised in a small town east of Dallas, Matthew picked up both the guitar and drums at age 12 after years of wearing out funk and R&B cassettes that his mother had on hand. He spent his teenage years helping to cultivate a DIY scene in his hometown, performing in everything from metal bands and pop/punk bands to gospel and folk music outfits. McNeal’s first festival appearance would be at the Van’s Warped Tour in 2011 at the age of 18. Spending the summers working at a peach orchard, Matthew found his way into with the music industry working as a production runner at arenas and other large venues in Dallas after selling a bushel of peaches to the Aerosmith crew. Working behind the scenes over the years would allow Matthew to cross paths with everyone from Bruce Springsteen, Paul Rodgers, and AC/DC to John Mayer, George Strait, and Wilco. 

     Upon graduating high school, McNeal set off for college and began playing solo shows. He released a collection of bedroom recordings titled 'When You’re Down' in the summer of 2013. He embarked on his first tour supporting the release and became enamored with the idea of a life on the road. While in college, Matthew teamed up with longtime friend and drummer Andre Black to begin work on a studio debut record. The duo would enter Redwood Studios in Denton, Texas, in the summer of 2014, working with McKenzie Smith (Midlake, St. Vincent) and Joey McClellan (BNQT, The Fieros). The product of the session was the 2015 release ‘Compadre’, an album that would act as an introduction to a new chapter and career path in the lives of the two young musicians. With a marketing degree in hand, McNeal and Black quit their jobs, purchased a rusted cargo van, and began taking Compadre on the road. The two traversed the midwest and southeastern U.S. for the next year. While on the road, Matthew found a deeper love and respect for songcraft after hundreds of hours listening to classic records for the first time. It was during this time that he began to find his own voice and embrace an off-kilter way of songwriting and storytelling thanks to the sound and emotion of timeless music.

     McNeal would soon become friends with Austin’s psychedelic folk-rock artist Israel Nash through producer Joey McClellan as well as garner the partnership of a booking agent after performing with Nash in Dallas. While continuing to tour constantly, the two found themselves in the Texas hill country at Israel Nash’s Plum Creek Sound studio, where they would begin work on their sophomore effort backed by members of Nash’s all-star band. With Brooklyn’s Grammy award-winning Ted Young (Kurt Vile, The Rolling Stones) at the helm of a 1971 Studer tape machine, the group spent four days tracking nine songs that would go on to become McNeal’s forthcoming LP ‘Good Luck’. While in post-production for the album, McNeal and Black spent eight months on a coast-to-coast U.S. tour to continue nurturing grassroots support behind their music. In the fall of 2017, the two started Matte Black Sound Company, a small record label that they would release their work through.

     Matthew McNeal and company bring songs of redemption and hope over powerful, driving musicality influenced by the genreless sounds throughout recorded music- from the lyricism and mystique of Bob Dylan to the southern inventiveness of Kings of Leon to the limitless grooves of Prince. As a record, Good Luck aims for the listener to experience the edge that indie/alternative music carries, the unbound emotion of soul, and the raw energy of true rock & roll.