Spanish California

On the western sand

You sing to her highway daily

Desert plant stands like hair

Down her arms and up her neck

Familiar chorus maybe



Baby, leave the light on for me


You start to fall

Like the sun upon her land

She makes you feel crazy

At night you feel her breathe

As you lay upon her bed

Go, your lover must be waiting


High roller

Ante up everything


Let it ride like a weekend

Night drive, up to no good

On the rise, take it as payment

Hard times, what else can you do


Someday, it’ll be easy



I haven’t yet and I need to, I see the look on their face

No hesitation, skin in the game

Raising cain ‘cause I’m Abel, misunderstood

Looking for answers like they said that I should


Temptation train’s a-comin’

Over the limit, down the line

Was I numb to the pain

Maybe blinded by the light

If you do it once, 

you do it a hundred times


If they kept records of my wrongs

They’d be so scratched they would not play

You want your cup to overflow

Well sometime so does your plate

We should have a celebration

knowing some things never change


I tried staying busy

I must’ve lost my mind

No one knows the reason why


Never came together

Took on too much weight

Picking up more cargo

Than I could actually take

Heading to or heading from

What does it matter anyway


I tried staying busy

I must’ve lost my mind

Undone, it wears me out to try

To get rid of temptation to run

Lady's Man

Is he a ladies man, just another motorbike rider

Can she call him her lover when he rides

Did she wish him well while she don't have him beside her

Under a gas station's cover when the rain gets bad


He's with the traveling band, the people call him a stunner

Makes ‘em shake like the thunder, keeps ‘em satisfied

He strikes up that band then leaves without even a stutter

I bet all he hears from his mother is you know better than that


I hear him say that it’s a smooth strange way she calls his name

That keeps him moving down the road

He lives on borrowed time, to that she replies

Let me know where to go when it’s over

Rock and roller


Stumble into a half hearted greeting of a stranger

Same pair of shoes, stranger says he's got good taste

Walk away with one more friend to forget tomorrow

The back of his hand starts to show his age


I hear him say that it’s a smooth strange way she calls his name

That keeps him moving down the road

She’s who he wants to be, a highway no one rides for free

He don’t know where he goes when it’s over


He’s a ladies man, her name’s rock and roll

I was the stranger, but I’m not no more

Let me know where I go when it’s over

Rock and roller


Gotta Get To You

I love her in the evening

I love her all the time 

I'm trying to give all the way

What a way to go,

If I’m going your way


I’m (I’m)

Gonna do (gonna do)

What I gotta (do)

To get to you


In the heat of the moment

There’s no reason to rush

Have mercy on me

Forever lover, loving on you endlessly


I wish that every type of woman and man knew how to climb

High up on the tightrope line

I'd grab all the people that I could find

Put 'em high up on the tightrope line


I spin my wheels in your direction, isn’t that what they say

They know how you're talking, I want to know how you pray

If you don’t like the view, it’ll be okay

We’ll all go flying when the tight rope breaks


We all fall together

We're all together

Plum Summer

There’s gotta be more than just life and death

The debt between patience and the time we spend

Tried to learn it all from the books I’ve read

But the score never seems to settle


Prone to wander, when I was younger

In the darkness of the streets

My eyes never adjusted

The world spun with too much speed

Humans should be stripped of all type of weapon

That’s what he said to me


What is it that makes things last

Is it the things your learn along the way?

Little brother, you ain't the only one

Who has tried to make a name

If you’re able,

Don’t let it all-fall down while you’re inside

When the greed to get has came and went

It’ll give you hope to know you- 

Tried to make a difference

To make something new

Settle down in the canyon

Find you a groove

Do what the good ones did

That came before you


I stood there silently

Maybe letting hope take hold

Is the only way you can keep it

If you find some lying around

Won’t you send it to me 


All the demons that you live with

You should know them by name

The tendencies you have

To always do things the same

That’s a heavy cross to carry

Let alone the blame

Desire to make a change


All that you can do is all that you can do

All that I can do is all that I can do

Come On Song

In and out, the words they weave a pattern in my memory

Motel blanket lie across your frame

Pacific rain fell for days on the coast of Newport City

Just enough to test a lover's flame

I know that you could feel it

A tear fell down as you mouthed that you were okay


The 'come on' song of purpose has me wanting

It plays from time to time out in the streets

If it's coming from your window, won't you keep your window open

And if it isn't, why aren't you listening


Now I mosey to bed with your name in my head

I wonder why the place you sleep ain’t where I'm at, babe

Make our way to the pines, get lost for a while

Take a midnight train on a one-way to Newport city

You could bear my name, honey you could bear my child

Hard Six Years

Hard six years, ahead seventy more

Clean out the gutter, try to loosen my load

Bored to death, board up the family store


Momma says come stay like I'm seventeen

Honey moved out of state and away from me

Things won't go my way, luckily

The sting of a loss is easy when the seats are cheap


All I know goes to show

You can’t hold the hands of time


Wheels touch down with the sun, Santa Fe

The future grows narrow with each passing day

Can't keep my cool, so I sell it for change

Shovel on all that I can handle, I hear they have it in spades


All I know goes to show

You can’t hold the hands of time

But that don’t mean you can’t try