After months of work and preparation, it’s time to finally tell y’all everything going on:

THIS is the 03.20.14 announcement, broken down into multiple parts.

-------- By the sweet grace of God I’ve been able to pursue my passion of music since the release of When You’re Down, and it is my honor, pleasure, and privilege to announce that the efforts of a sophomore album are underway. I have found the studio I will be recording at, as well as the producer that I’ll be working with. Pre-production is already in full swing. A lot has changed since the recording process and release of WYD, so you can expect a much more mature record. The new music has much more “life” alongside more southern grit and growl. It’s time to stop being like other artists that I admire and actually produce a sound of my own- I plan to be a “destination artist” and I hope to really achieve that with the sophomore album. The record is planned to be released around February of 2015, but new songs will be incorporated into live sessions and will gradually work their way into my live shows. 2014 will have a few single releases as well to keep things moving.


-------- Along with new music comes new promotion. I could hire the best media management teams in the world to get my name out there, but the days of cutting corners are long behind us. It’s time to shut up and play. With that in mind, it’s another joy of mine to announce that I am now the owner of a HUGE tour van. We’ve been working on it for weeks now, but the completely hollowed-out extended cab E250 will be decked out with cargo shelving for gear, bunks for bedding, a couch/desk, carpeting, full electrical power, the whole nine yards.


-------- I’m asked about my post-college plans daily, and I feel that announcing my answer might tie everything together. Upon my graduation in December of this year, I plan to not only release the sophomore album but also hit the road heavily (hence the van endeavor). I’ve been fortunate enough to exit college free of debt, so I will be able to make music a full-time effort- from touring to studio work and everything in between. I feel that if you’ve got less than 100 years to live on this earth, there’s no time to stall living the life you’ve been called to lead. It’s time to go out, meet people, and meet needs through the starting avenue of music.


-------- I’ve been fortunate enough to add another member to my gang of musicians. My best friend / brother Ben Starr helped produce and record WYD, so of course he will contribute to the new music, but I’ve been able to add a good friend of mine to really liven up live shows.

Meet Andre Black. He will be joining me in the full pursuit of music upon both of our graduations this winter. He is way more than just a drummer, he is a full-blown percussionist and adds so much depth to the music and definitely makes the live shows get much more wild. It’s a joy to be able to have a musical partner in crime through it all, and through practices and pre-production these past few months, it’s safe to say that I’ve made an excellent decision in regard to choosing Andre.


There is no kickstarter campaign, no “please help pay for my album” presale packages. The album, the van, the trappings that must come with new music like artwork and photographs, it’s all covered and fully funded. All I ask of you if your continued support. Whether it be prayer, showing my music to others, listening to the tunes yourself, offering friendship in general, just being human beings together, whatever kind of support you see fit. 

Though the album isn’t being released today, the process of it all has been going on since before When You’re Down was even officially released. 2014 is a year of building for myself and the fantastic people that are on this journey with me. I’m trying to build a widespread platform of friends/family/listeners to experience life with through music- whether it be experiences of salvation, realization, joy, or mourning. With every shared post, with every YouTube session you watch, every show you attend, you’re supporting more than you know. Y’all have allowed me to follow this dream, and there aren’t words that could possibly express how thankful I am that y’all have stuck around and continue to support me for the long haul.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


You can visit the PHOTO/VIDEO tab to check out a live video of a new song off the upcoming album.